What do I need to be able to rent a property in Vietnam, Hoi An?

The minimum requirement for a foreigner to rent a property in Vietnam is to have a 3 month business visa. You can apply at the Vietnamese embassy of your home country or apply for a letter of approval; There are several sites offering this service online. Once in Vietnam, you can apply for extensions most travel agents offer this service. We recommend that you arrive in Vietnam through HCMC as extensions tend to be easier and cheaper from there.

Is it easy to have internet access in private properties?

Not an issue anywhere in Hoi An anymore. The internet speeds are good and the companies offer WIFI routers. Fiber optic is also available in most parts of Hoi An

What should I expect in terms of furnishes in properties for rent in Hoi An?

A standard furnished property will come as followed:

Kitchen / dining room – Gas stove, fridge, dining table and chairs. In most cases, some cooking utensils.

Living room – TV, Sofa set (Most common unfortunately is the Not-so comfortable chinese wooden sofa), WIFI

Bedroom – Queen / King size bed, wardrobe, A/C or fan.

Bathroom – Shower and in some cases bathtub. Hot water

Laundry room with washing machine.

Are utility bills included in the rental fees? If not what are the costs?

In apartments / rooms all utility bills are included except electricity.

For other properties, utility bills are not included, see below is standard costs of bills:

Electricity – Average property usage: 500,000 vnd (less during the cooler months of the year). The air-conditioner is the main factor in electricity usage.

Water – Around 100,000 vnd per month

Cable TV – 50,000 for the basic package.

Internet – 150,000 – 180,000 vnd / month

What is the minimum contract length for properties for rent in Hoi An?

Things have changed in a positive way and it is relatively easy now to rent a property for one month contract only. The majority of owners are still more willing to accept 3 – 6 month contracts.

How about payments? Cash or transfer? How about the installments?

Rental fees can be paid either by cash in Vietnamese dong or via bank transfer. Monthly payments are still uncommon in Hoi An, most owners do expect a minimum of 3 month installment per time. The best way of negotiating a rental rate is the not the length of the contract but the amount paid in advance to the owner; We would not advise this practice unless you are sure the property is right for you.

Who do I contact if there is an issue at the property?

Us! We understand that with the language barrier and maybe for some the time of adaptation it can be challenging to communicate with your owner or a service provider. We will be there to assist you during your tenancy to ensure these minor issues are resolved promptly.


We will be adding more common Q&A but in the meantime if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we will get back to you shortly!

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